Updated 4/7/16

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Thank you for visiting Alidaar.com. This site is dedicated to the beauty and ancient bloodline of the Straight Egyptian horse, and Alidaar a propotent sire who has captured the hearts of many. Alidaar became one of my favorite sires after I purchased one of his sons. It was then that I came to appreciate just why the straight Egyptians are so important to the preservation of the true Arabian horse.

Arabians are a very special breed of horse, not only in looks, but in character, loyalty and heart. When you take away the pomp and circumstance of ribbons and shows, what it comes down to is one thing - the horse. The strength of the Egyptian bloodline is undeniable as is the Arabian horse mystique. They inspire artists, writers and poets, they capture the interest of children who grow up with a goal of having an Arabian horse of their own.

So for now, I'm just sharing my collection of Alidaar photos and any video I find. As for Alidaar, he now resides in the homeland of his treasured bloodines, in Doha Qatar Egypt at Al Rayyan Farm who has a beautiful website. Also see Arabian Flashlights site for stunning photos and info regarding the Arab horse world.

This site is relatively new, and if there's any interest I'll add links to other sites, and will consider listing breeding farms etc. Hope you enjoy your visit - thank you for stopping by!











This site is currently under reconstruction. We've disassociated ourselves with webrings as they were hijacking our website and redirecting to their own. We'll be back up shortly with new links and info. I will be putting up the video page again since it had gotten a lot of interest. ©2016 Alexander Arabians, LLC & LunaValo Ranch